CEO & MD Peer Advisory Groups

The concept of CEO Peer Advisory Groups has been around since Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison started meeting regularly. They bounced ideas off each other and offered help and advice so that they all might become more successful.

The distinguishing element of the peer group is value received. At corporate board meetings leaders and managers are expected to create value. In a peer group the participants receive value. Peer group members seek to learn from one another valuable solutions to new and old problems and challenges.

Through an exchange among peer group members, thoughtful management of the agenda and selective inclusion of content experts, we can create an accelerated learning experience designed to strengthen leadership and to enhance business value.

This is a place where you talk more about your difficulties than your success. This is a place where you don’t pretend that everything is going well and there is no issues with your business. This is a place where you can be 100% authentic and honest about yourself and your business. CEO’s get challenged on things they don’t want to be challenged on during peer group sessions.

CEO & MD Peer Advisory Groups

Nature of the Industry


  • Teams & leaders are getting more dysfunctional of trust, transparency and dialog (especially larger organisations).
  • The power of Peer Groups in such organisations could be absent and non-functional and thus an outside independent gathering is much more effective and produces bigger and quicker results.
  • Rules of running large organisations have changed and the pressure of performance is much higher and cut-throat.
  • CEO’s and leaders are tryng hard to develop their strengths to fulfill their role in the ‘Driving Seat’ of the company.
  • CEO and leaders are feeling more lonely at the top with no-one to share their thoughts, frustrations etc. They need somewhere where they can be open and free to talk without worry of being judged or threatened.
  • At CEO peer advisory group session, one can expect to gather critical insights, candid feedback, and real-world/real-time business perspectives.
  • There is so much happening in the business world today that it is hard to stay current on new ideas and innovative thinking in other industries.
  • By working consistently and regularly with the same group, one will develop strong trust-based relationships and get to know each other’s businesses intimately.
  • Group leaders facilitate this sharing of information among members as well as serving as trusted confidants.

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