Executive and Corporate Retreats

At Coach-In-Corporate, we’re proud to offer outstanding solutions for today’s executives and corporate teams. From business leaders to individual team members, our executive and corporate retreats are engaging, transformational experiences that build success the right way.

We offer executive and corporate retreats in a range of durations and formats to fit specific organisational needs. Choose from:

  • In-house retreats
  • External retreats
  • Half-day programmes
  • Full-day programmes
  • Multiday programmes


All of our retreats are dynamic and engaging, facilitating teamwork, communication and realisation.

Executive Retreats for Organisational Development


Our executive retreats bring your senior leadership together in a format unlike any other, providing the means to improve information sharing, planning accuracy, action steps and recommitting each executive to bolstering the company’s success. It’s about renewal, and about refreshing each individual’s views and mind-set, while building a vision for attainment.

Our Corporate Retreats Foster Teach Leadership Skills


Coach-In-Corporate offers corporate retreats designed to facilitate real change within your organisation, accelerate visible, measurable results and enhance the quality of relationships within your teams and the business as a whole.


Coach-In-Corporate plans, organises and facilitates every aspect of your corporate or executive retreat to ensure the utmost success.


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For more information or to schedule a corporate or executive retreat, complete this online request for information or request for proposal and one of our team members will contact you promptly.



Andrew Neitlich

Founder and Director, CEC

(Florida - USA)

Paul Grezio and 'Coach-In-Corporate' provides clients with a deep, comprehensive toolkit that bring serious value. The firm is especially strong in assisting American and European companies seeking to enter markets in the Middle East, Asia, and India. They also bring a brilliant set of approaches to helping organizations deal with strategic planning and strategic decisions, especially through workshops and retreats.

Finally, Paul and his firm are skilled at helping executives and business owners improve results through business and executive coaching. Paul is a professional with the highest integrity and character, and I highly recommend Coach-In-Corporate.