Organizational Development Workshops

Coach-In-Corporate utilises the ground-breaking system which was developed and tested in the USA and designed to ignite your group’s energy and creative problem solving abilities for change management and organisational development. It is designed to ignite your group’s energy and thinking so that they can rapidly resolve or tackle a specific issue affecting your organization. It gets everyone heading in the same direction in a short amount of time.


We help senior management and companies with professional workshops and planning facilitation workshops and training for organizational development. Our process engages the audience and keeps them involved and focused. It ensures everyone is on the same page within an exceptionally short time, getting major projects underway immediately and allowing your team to make important decisions quickly and effectively. Our system saves up to 50% of meeting time.


Unlike other models, our planning process relies on just seven steps, allowing you to accomplish in a very short time what once required weeks, months or even years. We help you increase meeting and planning productivity, and the planning techniques can be implemented immediately, ensuring your organisation reaps the benefits now.


The Harvard Business Review reports executives spend 65% of their time in meetings held for the sole purpose of sharing information, and the few that are held to accomplish a specific goal are generally poorly designed and managed. Leverage collaborative time, make better decisions faster and get your team heading in the same direction – our seven-step planning process cuts down the time required for planning major projects and solving complex issues, while ensuring company leaders can quickly implement fresh solutions.


Typical ways our clients have implemented our programme include:

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Objective clarification and result indicator creation sessions
  • Programme review and evaluation
  • In-house training
  • Process improvement meetings
  • Focus groups


Our planning process covers 95% of strategic planning topics and issues within any organisation, helping executives and businesses reduce problems while increasing solutions. We achieve this for you through corporate retreats and organisational development meetings held either in-house or externally.

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