Strategic Planning Facilitation

Coach-In-Corporate is proud to offer our clients professional facilitation programmes based on a tested American planning process. Designed and developed in the US over 30 years ago, this game-changing process is now available throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Organisational Change Development and Strategic Planning

At Coach-In-Corporate, our organisational change facilitation, strategic planning and change management projects have demonstrated that it’s not only possible to help drive positive change, but that customised “inside out” interventions can:

  • Identify key business, behavioural and process areas
  • Develop team and group collaborative and teamwork skills
  • Develop high-performance attitudes and behaviours in individuals
  • Implement results-based actions within teams and individuals
  • Sustain and measure results over time


Customised to your organisation, our organisational change facilitation solutions involve a phased-organisational change management process involving five sequential phases:

1. Assessment – We pinpoint key business and human performance needs within your organisation.


2. Preparation – We work with and build your senior team, helping them create a vision, goals, strategies and key change initiatives.


3. Planning – Before implementation, a formal change management implementation plan must be created and tied to your formal change management communication plan.


4. Process Implementation – We bring together the initiatives and actions using proven methodologies.


5. Sustainability – We work with you to measure the financial, productivity, customer and behavioural change results.

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