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Change is inevitable. With time, your goals, aspirations, and perspective will grow and change. Many times, external factors – such as a fast growing competitor – may motivate you to change.

One way or another, change is coming. What separates winners from those who get left behind is the wisdom to accept this inevitability and plan for it.

Coach-In-Corporate team is a partner that could help your organisation not only get prepared for change but also take control of it and harness it with our strategic planning facilitation and coaching services. Our change management facilitation and leadership development mentoring programmes have immensely helped countless organisations across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North Africa regions.

You could benefit from our expertise and experience as well.

Master Change & Strategic Planning


Coach-In-Corporate is a multi-service facilitation and consulting firm that specialises in helping organisations successfully implement strategic change in various aspects of their business. We help you strategize change rather than react to it.

With our expert change management facilitator and consultant guiding you to success, you can alter the inactive approach of your organisation towards change to a proactive one, learning the various classes of change, identifying the level of change you need, and building a comprehensive plan to manage it.

With our guidance, advice and facilitation, you can transform the challenges of unexpected change into a growth opportunity for which you are fully prepared.

To this end, we also facilitate strategic planning and organise objective-driven corporate retreats to help enhance the impact of important business transitions and to usher in change smoothly under the wing of a highly trained, certified and seasoned change management, leadership development, and strategic planning facilitator and coach.

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our key service domains

Change Management

We offer bespoke corporate change management facilitations, consulting, and executive training programmes to help you harness the hidden opportunities in change and benefit from the transition. Our change management consultant can advise you on how to go through this process or work as a facilitator to lead you across the challenging path.

With our 12-month change management programme, you can meet your change goals under the guidance and keen eye of a seasoned coach and facilitator using a structured programme plan.

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Strategic Planning

If you have your change goals in mind, the next step is to master strategic planning so you have a comprehensive plan in hand to achieve your goals. We offer the guidance, advice and management skills you need to build a formidable strategy to practically reach your goals using various strategic planning models proven to succeed.

We strongly believe a plan is not great if it does not meet your specific needs, and that’s exactly what our advised and facilitated plans are built on: your needs.

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Succession Planning

You cannot leave any strategic aspect of your business to faith, least of all who sits in the top positions and gets the reins of your organisation. It is a sophisticated process – rather it should be. However, many organisations do not follow an effective succession plan.

When you bring Coach-In-Corporate on board for succession planning, you can expect to build a comprehensive strategy for not only choosing and retaining the right people for your top positions but also help them fully prepare for these arduous roles.

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Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats are a great way to meet various strategic and tactical organisational goals. They allow your employees and senior team to exclusively focus on achieving crucial objectives, such as building a critical project plan, preparing a leadership successor, instilling various skills in your selected staff, etc.

We offer a wide range of corporate retreats and objective-driven workshops that your organisation can immensely benefit from.

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Peer Advisory Groups

One of our more unconventional services, our peer advisory groups work as a discussions driven platform where your CEO can mingle with their peers from other industries in a series of regular meetings.

These meetings encourage open talks, gifting each member multiple outsider’s perspectives from business leaders of stature that matches their own. These groups effectively give CEOs a fresh viewpoint to look at lingering business problems.

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Executive & Business Coaching

Our executive and business coaching service is conducted by a U.S. trained executive, business strategy, and leadership development coach who brings 32+ years of field experience to the table.

Having helped countless top managers and senior teams achieve their goals and grow their skillsets, our executive and business coaching service can assist you in expanding your horizons and skillset as well.

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  • *I met Paul when he attended our Compression Planning training workshop in Wheeling, West Virginia (USA). Paul invested a lot of his own resources to travel to America from Singapore. Given our conversions prior to him attending, I knew that Paul was a serious learner and would bring a lot of skill and talent to the training workshop.*

    Patrick McNellis, Director of Idea Implementation,
    The Compression Planning

  • *Paul is a responsive and dedicated leader who is an excellent coach because he has actual experience working in the areas that the growing executive works with. He's willing to take you through his experiences in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia - to find tailor made solutions that get you out of your head and into action.*

    MARK REID DAVIS, Accent Markets

  • *Paul is a seasoned Business and Executive coach, working with clients around the world. It was my pleasure to work with Paul as his mentor coach at the Centre for Executive Coaching (USA), as he was completing his coaching certification.*

    Sheri Boone, ICF Master Coach (MCC)

  • *Paul Grezio and 'Coach-In-Corporate' provides clients with a deep, comprehensive toolkit that bring serious value. The firm is especially strong in assisting American and European companies seeking to enter markets in the Middle East, Asia, and India.*

    Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, CEC