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Without strong, accurate leadership and ongoing teamwork, a business cannot succeed. At Coach-In-Corporate, we understand all too well the repercussions of lacking leadership, unrealised goals, inaccurate planning and wasted time. Our services ensure that your executives and organisation are prepared to succeed in this increasingly competitive world.

Coach in Corporate

Coach-In-Corporate offers vital solutions for the most pressing problems encountered by organisations in all industries today, including:

CEO & MD Peer Advisory Groups

We help senior management and companies with professional workshops and planning facilitation

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Organizational Planning for strategic facilitation and in-depth change

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Organizational Change Management

Business and organisational change facilitation at all levels

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Corporate Retreats

Executive and corporate retreats for skills, personal and teamwork building

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching for enhancing individual executive effectiveness and success

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Our Commitment

With over 25 years of international work experience, Coach-In-Corporate has the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to build your organisation’s success through accurate assessments, ongoing change implementation and constant monitoring. Our commitment to you is nothing short of being your steadfast partner in realising a healthy, growing organisation and all that implies.


We help your organisation, executives and team members build strengths, capitalise on achievements and recognise areas for improvement while fostering accurate communication, reducing wasted time and achieving objectives.

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  • *I met Paul when he attended our Compression Planning training workshop in Wheeling, West Virginia (USA). Paul invested a lot of his own resources to travel to America from Singapore. Given our conversions prior to him attending, I knew that Paul was a serious learner and would bring a lot of skill and talent to the training workshop.*

    Patrick McNellis, Director of Idea Implementation,
    The Compression Planning

  • *Paul is a responsive and dedicated leader who is an excellent coach because he has actual experience working in the areas that the growing executive works with. He's willing to take you through his experiences in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia - to find tailor made solutions that get you out of your head and into action.*

    MARK REID DAVIS, Accent Markets

  • *Paul is a seasoned Business and Executive coach, working with clients around the world. It was my pleasure to work with Paul as his mentor coach at the Centre for Executive Coaching (USA), as he was completing his coaching certification.*

    Sheri Boone, ICF Master Coach (MCC)

  • *Paul Grezio and 'Coach-In-Corporate' provides clients with a deep, comprehensive toolkit that bring serious value. The firm is especially strong in assisting American and European companies seeking to enter markets in the Middle East, Asia, and India.*

    Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, CEC