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leadership development coaching delivered by U.S. Trained, ICF certified, & veteran middle east executive coach

Leadership development and mentoring helps leaders and organisations achieve higher levels of realised potential. Talent, junior management experience, and leadership skills go a long way in making a leader successful, but with a seasoned mentor looking after their development, they can become the next prodigy in their industry.

Organisations have much to gain from investing in a robust human capital development strategy that includes a strong focus on senior leadership mentoring and coaching. Your strategic managers are the cornerstone of your organisation’s long-term success. Investing in their skill development and vision mentoring would be one of the best decisions you make for your future.

Coach-In-Corporate specialises in conducting sophisticated leadership development coaching programmes that enable CEOs and senior corporate managers to enhance their leadership skillset. The programmes are also directed at helping participants develop new core leadership skills under the guidance of seasoned executive coaches recognised across the U.A.E. and Middle East.

With over 32 years of experience in rendering objective-driven strategic planning, change management, and leadership development coaching programmes in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa, we have the acumen, knowledge and insights to help CEOs and business leaders with nuanced training and coaching.

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whatever your objective may be, we can design a bespoke leadership development coaching programme for you

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goal oriented executive coaching in the middle east

With a sustained track record of success helping C-level managers in corporations across the Middle East region, we create highly optimised coaching programmes that deliver immense value and results.

We strongly believe in delivering measurable results in each training session we conduct. To deliver that, we recommend each client to choose a specific goal for their executive coaching programme. We gather information and create a picture with broad-stroke details of your objectives for the programme.

Here are some questions we ask to build a clear understanding of your organisational vision, culture, personal struggles, and programme objectives:

  • Are you transitioning into a new leadership position?

  • Do you worry that you do not possess a proper leadership succession plan?

  • Do you feel lonely at the top and need a sounding board?

  • Are you struggling to maintain a work-life balance?

  • Would you like to achieve outstanding results and reach greater heights in your career and personal life?

  • Do you want to develop strategies and specific action steps to overcome these obstacles?

With such details, we formulate the core contents of your leadership development coaching programme. Thus, our coaching programme offers exclusive value delivered by an expert executive coach.

precision focus execution mentoring

Some specific areas of focus that we work on with senior leaders include:

  • Developing a strong vision;

  • Identifying personal values;

  • Identifying and building core strengths;

  • Developing resilience and mental durability;

  • Coping with team and stressful challenges;

  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills;

  • Developing effectives networks and relationship;

  • Addressing difficult conversations and practising effective conflict management;

  • Developing inspiring leadership skills; and

  • Development confidence as a leader.

Based on this list of focal points, our initial leadership coaching conversations are planned.

valuable insights through comprehensive psychometric assessments

We employ selected psychometric tests and assessments, including 360-degrees feedback assessments. These assessments provide meaningful insights that can predict performance potential. Our leadership psychometric tests help you to identify admirable leadership qualities and are a reliable indicator of performance capabilities.

The assessments are designed to measure leadership style as well as individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing your coach to develop a comprehensive analysis and recommend a personalised action plan. The action plan focuses on directing personal and professional change, and building stronger interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

We want you to feel reassured and confident of the value you will get from our bespoke executive coaching programme.

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