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Experience meaningful business STRATEGIC corporate retreats on exotic locations in the middle east.

Discussing sophisticated business ideas and solving complex problems in your routine business habitat can sometimes adversely affect the outcomes and keep the people in the room from finding creative, new solutions.

With our business strategy corporate retreats, your top managers, senior teams, and decision makers get the perfect opportunity to achieve smart and effective solutions to important problems. Such retreats forge strong bonds that improve communication and teamwork in the workplace with the primary aim to help teams successfully determine a new vision, create strategic plans, and have robust discussions about challenging subjects. This is the ideal setting to build an effective annual strategic plan.

The Coach-In-Corporate team organizes the whole retreat, picking out environments that best suit your preferences and the objective of the retreat. One of our seasoned change management and strategic planning consultants and facilitators accompany your team and manage the workshops, strategic team building sessions, and discussions while our backend team makes arrangements for every little detail that makes the trip go smooth for your team.

types of executive retreats we facilitate

organisational development retreats

We take your senior leadership team to an impactful retreat venue and organise various sessions depending on your preferred length of the retreat in a format unlike what your teams are used to. We stimulate conversations with environments and activities that excite and engage your teams. Our corporate retreat facilitators steer all sessions towards a fruitful conclusion in line with your initial objective for the retreat.

strategy building retreats

We use exotic locations in the Middle East and carefully put together strategic segments through the retreat to help your senior teams work cohesively and grapple with complex strategy building problems. A strategy expert facilitates the sessions and ensures your team reaches a satisfactory conclusion on the retreat agenda while our support team makes sure the retreat is fun, relaxing, supremely well organised, and entertaining for your team.

leadership skills development retreats

We also offer executive retreats designed to facilitate real change within your organisation through fun and exciting leadership development activities and segments. We design these retreats to bolster leadership skills into your team members through creative activities that also enhance the quality of relationships among the individuals. They feel valued, cared for, and happy whilst absorbing a tremendous number of ideas that boost their leadership abilities and improve organisational performance.

annual strategic planning retreats

If you are looking for a retreat that will help your senior decision makers build a formidable strategic plan for a significant business objective, booking one of our strategic planning retreats is a viable solution to the problem. We organise these retreats in calm, idyllic environments where your team can have serious and focused discussions about building a plan under the supervision of one of our experienced strategic planning consultants and facilitators. Under professional guidance, your team may go in rife with disagreements but they will surely come out with a cohesive plan all of them agree on.

succession planning retreats

These retreats are highly objective-driven, aiming to create comfortable environments where the senior leadership from the client organisation spend quality time together with the goal to ideally build a comprehensive plan for succession. These retreats are designed to help the participants start early with planning the success process and discuss options so they can tend to the various steps of the succession plan and identify what’s right for their organisation, its objectives, and its culture. Our seasoned succession planning facilitator recommends organisations should avail these retreats regularly starting no less than 5 years before a partner’s anticipated departure. While your team is on the retreat, our succession planning consultant and facilitator helps you achieve all of these objectives effectively.

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how it works: blueprint of a standard retreat

  • PLANNING STAGE: We sit with you and determine your objectives for the retreat so it can be designed accordingly.

  • PREPARATION STAGE: We get everything ready for your retreat with a bespoke plan that addresses all your declared needs.

  • MEETING STAGE: The retreat ensues and all segments are conducted according to the plan we build.

  • FOLLOW-UP STAGE: We conduct follow-up meetings and calls to build a consensus of the retreat outcomes and degree of success.

why send your team on a retreat

  1. To brainstorm collectively on key emerging organisational problems.

  2. To elicit group creativity and generate ideas.

  3. To build consensus on managing tough decisions.

  4. To build a vision of organisational success

  5. To identify areas of improvement and discuss ways to initiate positive change

  6. To enhance quality of relationships within the organisation

  7. To evaluate and correct organisational progress towards an objective

expert corporate retreat facilitators

Our executive and corporate retreats are delivered with absolute facilitation for your team’s comfort as well as for your business objective for the exercise. Our seasoned business strategy, leadership development, and strategic planning facilitators accompany you and lead the entire agenda of the retreat, which is carefully built around your specific objectives.

We gather detailed information in our initial planning meetings to organise a retreat that perfectly fits your needs, filled with activities and segments that drive home the target you want your team to achieve while having a great experience. We work within your budget to organise an effective – and memorable – retreat for your team and organisation.

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