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sit with other ceos from non-competing companies & build ideas through a unique creative experience

One of the exceptional ways we help business leaders generate creative ideas for their organisations is through our Peer Advisory Groups Programme. This programme enables CEOs and MDs sit down with peers from other industries with the spirit of discussing their unique problems and getting insights from other participants – an outsider’s perspective. You can trust the insights of these outsiders because they are in the same stage of their career as you, if not more experienced.

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the inspiration & objective of our peer groups

The programme is inspired by the famous regular meetings three of America’s most iconic historical business figures used to have. Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison formed their own peer advisory group where they would regularly meet and helped each other get a fresh perspective on their business problems and strategies.

The most appealing quality of the Peer Advisory Groups Programme is the value received by the participants. While you are expected to create and give value in other kinds of corporate gatherings, such as board meetings, our peer groups allow you to receive value. You engage in discussions with leaders of your own stature and discover new avenues of resolving lingering problems.

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We maintain a regulated approach through our peer groups, using determined agenda for each session to catalyse exchange of valuable ideas and advice among group members. This approach allows us to optimise the value of the groups for each of the members. Our selected content experts further enhance the experience for our prestigious group members and enable them to discover new ideas, learn from peers, and adapt to new courses of action.

We can promise you one thing for our Peer Advisory Groups Programme: if you sign up, you will be challenged out of your comfort zone to test new ideas and viewpoints, and you will love every moment of it.

why opt for our peer advisory groups programme?

  • You will receive value in the company of non-competing peers and engage in fruitful exchange of ideas.

  • You will be participating in a peer group that brings back the experience of trust, transparency and dialogue going extinct in large organisations in the 21st century.

  • You will get the opportunity to enhance your strengths and get more confidence in being in the driving seat of your company.

  • You will be able to openly discuss your fears, apprehensions, and frustrations with business leaders of your rank.

  • You will forge lasting relationships grounded in trust as you continue to work in the same group of peers.

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