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Our Strategic Change Management Programme is an all-encompassing change management package that helps organisations usher in targeted change into their strategy, practices, and culture with the help of a certified, skilled and seasoned Executive Leadership Facilitator, Consultant and Coach.

More than that, we instil the principles of change leadership among your top managers, helping them transcend their role from managers to leaders. With our guidance, you can shift your organisational perspective on change, thinking of it as an opportunity rather than a necessity. While change is inevitable for growth, we enhance your view of change and help your top managers take the wheel, driving change instead of following it.

Adopting an inside-out approach to bringing meaningful change into your organisation, we work with your senior team to augment the process of generating innovative ideas for change and implementing them effectively across teams.

The programme altogether solves your problems related to change management, helping your top leadership determine change objectives, implement strategies and practices that target these objectives, and monitor implementation success through periodic follow-up sessions.

You can change the way your organisation operates and evolves during the 12-month duration of the programme. Connect with us today and let’s bring in the change your organisation needs to grow and beat the competition.

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understanding change leadership

Change leadership is a transcendent form of change management. When you pursue change leadership instead of change management, you take a leap ahead of the rest and put yourself in a place where you are not just getting ready to survive change but to deliberately plan ahead and harness potential opportunities that may emerge out of that change.

As change leaders, your senior team will not miss the opportunities others do when change arrives. Why? Because change leaders have a clear view of what’s coming and they build a vision that they then propagate across the organisation.

Change leadership is all about transforming inevitability into opportunity. Change leaders keep sight of available resources and harness their power to leverage valuable opportunities when the time comes.

Change leadership promotes:

  • LOOKING AHEAD: Instead of staying focused on the past and old plans,change leadership inspires individuals to look ahead, analyse changing environments, and help their organisation prepare for highly rewarding opportunities that the competitors fail to see.

  • TEAMWORK: Change leadership is all about bringing people together, building strong intra-organisational communication, sharing a vision, and working as a unified team to achieve it.

  • OPTIMISM: Change leadership makes your teams optimistic about change instead of being resistant of it. With the vision that your organisation can harness change as a growth opportunity, your teams begin to look at change with optimism and excitement.

  • FARSIGHTEDNESS: When you transform into a change leader from being a change manager, the picture becomes so much bigger but, at the same time, clearer. You see what lies beyond the horizon and build a sophisticated plan to turn that into an opportunity.

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who this programme is for?




  • C-LEVEL LEADERS: This corporate change management training programme is built in particular for top managers who want to evolve into change leaders. These managers are responsible for strategic and tactical leadership of the organisation. Leaders with varying profiles and levels of experience can connect with us to seek complete change management support, facilitation and guidance – from ideation to execution of change-oriented plans.

  • CORPORATIONS: Corporations immensely benefit from our programme with regard to achieving their strategic change management goals. We work with their CEO and their top managers to understand their change goals, cultivate value-packed ideas, and implement them across various organisational levels, while monitoring the results for a full year to ensure your team stays on the track until the planned changes are achieved successfully.

  • MID-TO-LARGE SIZED ORGANISATIONS: Large organisations prefer our comprehensive change management programme due to our streamlined approach, inclusive programme structure, rapid results, and effective change.

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strategic change programme applications

why choose the coach-in-corporate strategic change management programme

perfect blend of expertise & proven results

inside-out methodology

The inside-out approach is founded on the principal idea that only the inner strengths, capabilities and resources of the organisation can bring about change that lasts. Using this idea as the core of our programme, we help your organisation achieve higher efficiency and adapt meaningful and sustainable change.

comprehensive approach

Our corporate change management programme is built with an inclusive approach, helping top-level managers with change from ideation to execution and monitoring of innovation and change. Together, we will set practical goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and make sure these strategies are implemented effectively.

structured programme

This change management leadership development programme is tightly structured with room for flexibility and adaptation to fit every client’s specific change goals, which allows for timely course correction and adjustments that take place during the re-alignment workshops.

specialised guidance

The program is delivered by a US trained facilitator with 30+ years of experience in advising, facilitating and training C-level leaders in corporations across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

expert facilitation & coaching team

The Coach-in-Corporate team consists of seasoned leadership development and change management coaches with a combined experience spanning over decades.

meet your change management facilitator & consultant

Paul Micallef is a US trained and seasoned change management and leadership development consultant, group facilitator, and leadership coach who brings 32+ years of executive support and coaching experience to the table. His experience involves working with top leadership in US and European multinational companies for their regional headquarters across Asia Pacific, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

  • Paul possesses an MBA from University of Leicester, which he was awarded with a distinction.

  • He is USA and Singapore trained Executive and Business Coach, US trained in group change management facilitation and organisational development.

  • He possesses various leadership, group facilitation development, and coaching credentials from the US.

programme structure

12-month multi-phase change management programme

  • Phase 01 – BRAINSTORMING: The initial phase revolves around understanding your organisational change objectives (maximum 3) and brainstorming innovative ideas through a 2- or 3-day external workshop with a structured plan that leads to selection of the best ideas.

  • Phase 02 – PLANNING: The second phase builds a robust plan of action for the implementation of selected ideas. We work together to build protocols and practices to implement agreed-upon change strategies, which are then cascaded through the respective teams.

  • Phase 03 – MONITORING & RE-ALIGNMENT WORKSHOPS: Clients’ senior leadership Change Team and facilitator/coach follow up every 2 or 3 months on a detailed full-day workshop and utilize pre-determined methods to continuously monitor the impact of implemented strategies, identify corrective actions, inject new ideas to replace strategies that are not working well, and ensure re-alignment takes place for continuous improvement and change.

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shining client testimonials

what clients say about our programme

  • *I met Paul when he attended our Compression Planning training workshop in Wheeling, West Virginia (USA). Paul invested a lot of his own resources to travel to America from Singapore. Given our conversions prior to him attending, I knew that Paul was a serious learner and would bring a lot of skill and talent to the training workshop.*

    Patrick McNellis, Director of Idea Implementation,
    The Compression Planning

  • *Paul is a responsive and dedicated leader who is an excellent coach because he has actual experience working in the areas that the growing executive works with. He's willing to take you through his experiences in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia - to find tailor made solutions that get you out of your head and into action.*

    MARK REID DAVIS, Accent Markets

  • *Paul is a seasoned Business and Executive coach, working with clients around the world. It was my pleasure to work with Paul as his mentor coach at the Centre for Executive Coaching (USA), as he was completing his coaching certification.*

    Sheri Boone, ICF Master Coach (MCC)

  • *Paul Grezio and 'Coach-In-Corporate' provides clients with a deep, comprehensive toolkit that bring serious value. The firm is especially strong in assisting American and European companies seeking to enter markets in the Middle East, Asia, and India.*

    Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, CEC